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Fitness Video Production: “Working the Camera”

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We see a lot of traditional fitness trainers looking to make the jump to videos. We know from experience that just because someone can teach a great class doesn’t mean that they can star in a video.  It takes a lot of skill to perform on stage, hit marks, and make it all look natural while maintaining a smile. Aspiring to be an onscreen star but don’t have any experience in front of the camera? Mason Bendewald, P90X director and Chief Production Officer at DailyBurn, has directed and produced hundreds of workout videos. Here are a few tips from the best in the biz to get you started on the right track!

• Turn on the Camera

Not sure what you look and sound like on-screen? Turn on the camera! You don’t need any fancy equipment to get familiar with your on-camera self. Listen to your tone and inflection. Take note of your movements and body language. Work a simple exercise with your virtual audience. What message are you sending through the screen?

• Voice Coaching

Invest in voice coaching lessons. Your voice tells a story. It’s as much about what you DON’T SAY as what you say. Posture, tone, breath, pacing, pitch, accent – these and more are all factors in the message you convey with just your voice.

•  Acting Classes & On-Camera Workshops

Learn the fundamentals with beginning acting classes and on-camera workshops. These classes will teach you the basics and help give you confidence and poise in front of the camera. Learn how to bring it all together to convey your unique message on-screen.

• Study the Masters

Turn on your favorite workout video but this time with a paper and pen. Take notes on techniques used by the best trainers in the biz. Notice more than the workout. What are they communicating with their body language and vocal technique? What story are they telling? has a great stable of unique talent that all do an exceptional job – each in their own way. Watch them as example and see what works and what doesn’t for you. Ultimately it’s your style and unique story that will make you different and stand out though. Don’t be afraid to be you.

Turn the camera back on and practice, practice, practice.   

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