Our Passion
Mega Mace is committed to creating the best workouts in the world. Our enthusiasm is unmatched and it shows. We research and develop everything we produce and train trainers to be the best in the business.

The Beginning
Director Mason Bendewald founded Mega Mace in 1995. Operating out of Philadelphia, they produced: commercials, corporate videos, promos – even creating the popular Reject Film Festival in 1997. But after shooting an infomercial for Beachbody.com, Mason moved the company to Los Angeles, and shifted his focus to fitness production – a defining moment for the growing company.

A Move and a Vision
In short order, Beachbody tapped Mason to direct a new kind of fitness video. Because of his first hand knowledge in testing the product, Mason was given a creative freedom previously unheard of in fitness. That show was P90X.

Mason broke the mold, reinventing the methodology behind filming a fitness video, bottling the intensity of the workout with long takes, trading perfect looking “hollywood” hair and makeup for gritty, sweat covered faces. P90X became the most successful home fitness program of all time with over a half a billion dollars in sales. Over a decade later, it remains a uniquely recognizable and trusted fitness brand.

Realizing that streaming fitness was the next frontier, Mason sought out a tech partner to provide a digital platform. Striking a deal with DailyBurn (an IAC company), Mason became the Chief Production Officer this new “Netfilx of Fitness.” During his nearly four-year tenure, Mega Mace conceived and created the largest and most celebrated library of premium streaming fitness content on the internet.

Perfecting the Process
Over the years Mega Mace has developed a unique process that produces exceptional results. With each new job, we continue to refine and perfect that process. We bring the same passion and commitment we’ve had since P90X, a desire to create something special, to every job – Our goal is simple: To create great products that help people make their lives better – and results speak for themselves: True Beginner with Justin Rubin, Black Fire with Bob Harper, LTF with Ben Booker, and McFIT’s Cyberobics Revolution with Barbara Becker and Kate Hudson, just to name a few.