• Certified Personal Trainer Podcast

    Fitness Video Performance with Mason Bendewald. What does it take to create a connection with your clients through video and live-streaming workouts? The human need to connect with others drives many behaviors. Understanding how to do so is pivotal to the digital trainer's success. This week host Eddie Lester is joined by Mason Bendewald, a fitness entrepreneur and director of the infamous P90X workout video series, to talk about the characteristics that create a true connection with your audience through video.

  • Real Talk with Real Fit Pros Podcast

    Behind the Fitness Lens: A Conversation w/ Mason Bendewald. Over the years, the fitness industry has been revolutionized by fit pros on camera. On this episode, Jon and Marc had the pleasure of interviewing one of the pivotal individuals on the P90X production crew, Mason Bendewald Mason shares some awesome stories of working with industry icon Tony Horton, how he landed in fitness film producing in the first place, and how he currently continues to help fit pros like YOU become the 1% of the fitness landscape. If you want to succeed wildly in the fitness game, you have to make your presence known. Mason gives some truly valuable advice on how to do just that.

  • Fitness Career Mastery Podcast - audio only - 3 episodes

    Mason Bendewald has been a frequent guest on FCM...Want to know what the director of P90X looks for when searching for top fitness talent? Spoiler: it’s not just someone who looks great and knows how to lead a workout. Episode 89 is an incredible resource for fitness professionals and studio owners alike to learn not only how to be great on camera, but how to Develop Your Talent, & Why Being Entertaining Is Actually More Important Than The Workout.

  • Cash In on Camera Podcast

    Mason Bendewald - Why Community is Crucial in the Digital Age The digital age has brought about a lot of change, but one thing that remains the same is the importance of community. Join me and Mason Bendewald from MEGAMACE Fitness to find out why community is crucial in the digital age and learn how you can use it to grow your business. Mason has directed top fitness personalities like Bob Harper, from the Biggest Loser and movie star Kate Hudson, and he's worked with leading fitness brands such as TONAL, iFIT, FightCamp, Beachbody, TITLE Boxing, Supernatural VR and Technogym in Italy.

  • Think Strong Youtube Show

    Live a More Adventurous Life & Have Fun with Movement While I am a stickler for optimizing workouts to get the most out of them and following a program that progresses you to your goal, I have learned that my personality is not shared with everyone. This episode with Mason Bendewald got me out of my shell and explored the world of moving in different ways, how to enjoy different challenges and seeing that exercise and movement can be fun...

  • The Masters in Fitness Business Podcast with host Jim Adams

    Why Did P90X Work?! P90X love it or hate it; you can’t deny the impact it had on fitness. Mason Benewald was the producer and director of P90X. An exercise program that changed the face of fitness videos forever. What made it so different and effective at getting people to exercise? It told an entertaining story. Mason shares the importance and impact of creating a story around your training and videos. He also details the different skill set you need to be a rock star on camera. It is much different than training someone in person. Takeaways From This Episode: ✔️ What was different about P90X ✔️ Why you should insert stories into your training and videos ✔️ The difference between on-camera versus in-person ✔️ Stories are the most powerful form of communication

  • Business for Unicorns

    Secrets to becoming a great on-camera fitness trainer from P90X director Mason Bendewald. Hosted by Michael Keeler. Mason also consults with startups and established brands, cutting through the uncertainty by guiding Production teams with his 20 years of fitness production experience in creating innovative programming. Mason has directed top fitness personalities like Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) and movie star Kate Hudson, and worked with fitness companies such as: • TONAL • iFit • Nordictrack • FightCamp • Beachbody • TitleBoxing • BoxUnion • Supernatural VR • The Platform Studios in Dubai • Technogym in Italy • Featured Speaker at FitTech in Germany

  • The Pilates Business Podcast

    Become a Video Pro with Mason Bendewald. Learn Why being in Front of the Camera is Critical. What you need to get started (YES - there’s still room for you!). How to create engaging videos your clients will want to watch over and over again.

  • The Karl Stearling Podcast

    It was absolutely amazing to talk with Mason Bendewald! Watch / listen / learn from Mason, an icon in the fitness industry. For over 20 years Mason has helped build top fitness companies and coached trainers to become on-camera fitness stars. He’s crafted innovative programs that shattered sales records beginning with the home fitness sensation P90X. Mason went on to become the Chief Production Officer of Daily Burn.

  • Dollars & Dumbbells

    In this episode, I sit down with Mason Bendewald. Mason is the man behind the scenes, and his most popular fitness production was P90X. The reason that P90X was so sensational? Because he broke all the rules. Mason shares his advice on how to stand out in a crowded fitness coaching market by excelling at video and what mistakes to avoid. He actually flips the script and walks me through an exercise to show how to be vulnerable and build a connection with your audience. Tune in to hear other topics such as: Why I think the Rock is just like you and I Personal Branding How Coaches went from $50k a year to $200k+ Paying prospects in a "challenge" or "scholarship" Tune in to hear us discuss these topics and more! Also, stay until the end to hear the most emotional money decision Mason made and his one financial question for me.

  • Fitness Business Asia Podcast

    When it comes to storytelling, there’s no one better in our industry than Mason Bendewald. Mason shares some of the key ingredients to creating impact with a story that helped P90X become a $700 million phenomenon.

  • Matt Marney Fitness Show

    Mason Bendewald is a film producer with 20 years of helping trainers and fitness brands improve the quality of delivery in front of the camera. In this conversation Mason and Matt talk about the impact COVID had on the online space, the future of this and the difference in skill-set required when delivering fitness sessions in front of the camera as opposed to face to face If you want to work with Mason or his company details below: www.megamace.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/megamace

  • Whole CEO Podcast

    Whole CEO with Lisa G Podcast #199 In this interview, you will learn: 👉 1) What’s the main role of the CEO in any company? 👉 2) How do you know when, and the importance of putting on your CEO hat 👉 3) Why do you need to make sure you can easily define your brand and offer 𝑾𝑯𝑶 𝑰𝑺 𝙈𝘼𝙎𝙊𝙉 𝘽𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙀𝙒𝘼𝙇𝘿? For over 20 years, Mason Bendewald has helped build top fitness companies and coached trainers to become on-camera fitness stars. He’s crafted innovative programs that shattered sales records beginning with the home fitness sensation P90X. Mason has directed top fitness personalities like Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) and movie star Kate Hudson. 👇👇👇👇👇 🔸 Are you a CEO? 🔸 In today's podcast, you will learn how Mason Bendewald believes you can become the CEO of you. 🔸 Mason will discuss the main role of a CEO, when to wear your CEO hat and 🔸 how to clearly define your brand and offer.

  • The Movement Movement Podcast

    How to Make Fitness Fun with producer and director Mason Bendewald – The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast with Steven Sashen - learn how Mason took P90X and made fitness fun again on the show. Here are some of the highlights covered: - How fitness has evolved over the last thirty years. - How people, especially older individuals, are more aware they need to exercise in their life. - Pushing yourself to extremes during fitness is not the right move. - How talking about our differences can lead to deeper and more fulfilling connections. - Why you should find a way to exercise that you find fun and entertaining. Mason has helped build top fitness companies and coached trainers to become on-camera fitness stars. He’s crafted innovative programs that shattered sales records beginning with the home fitness sensation P90X. Mason became the Chief Production Officer of Daily Burn (an IAC Company) and launched the first fitness streaming service of its kind; he built the entire streaming library, creating the most comprehensive modern fitness catalog ever. #fitness #podcast #movement #oncamera #fitnessbusiness

  • the Dirobi Health Show

  • The Matter Over Mind Experience Podcast

    JANUARY 23, 2023 BY NARADO ZECO POWELL CFT|CNS|CES Episode203- How To Create A Community In This Digital World with Mason Bendewald Mason is the CEO and Founder of MEGA MACE Fitness Productions, he’s also a director with hundreds of workout videos to his credit, including the most successful fitness series of all time, P90X. The recognized authority in his field, Mason works internationally with the top names and brands in professional fitness, crafting innovative programs that blaze a trail through the fitness industry. Mason served as Chief Production Officer for DailyBurn (an IAC Company). There, he conceived and built the entire streaming library, creating the most comprehensive modern fitness catalogue ever, discovering and developing 13 world-class trainers, and creating 18 programs with over 200 workouts. Mason walks the walk and uses the products he’s created, often with his wife and two children. Mason has traveled much of the world volunteering with orphanages in places like Mexico, Haiti, Africa and Peru until he and his wife adopted their two daughters from Taiwan in 2012. You can learn more about his work on their website https://megamace.com

  • The Hacked Life Podcast

    Mason is the founder of MegaMace Fitness, with a goal to help trainers become masters in front of the camera so they can help more people and simultaneously make more money with less effort. For over two decades, Mason has helped build top fitness companies and coached trainers to become on-camera fitness stars. He’s crafted innovative programs that shattered sales records beginning with the home fitness sensation P90X. In this episode: Timeline 4:30 - How Mason launched the P90X to its great success 15:30 - Why is Mason helping other coaches get good on the camera 19:20 - Most common mistake trainers make 35:40 - how do you tell stories in only 15 seconds on TikTok? 37:50 - who’s the most engaging in the fitness industry right now 42:10 - Final Questions Why Talent in Front of the Camera is Critical How to Create Community in a Digital World The Effects of Ai and VR on the Fitness Industry Will Brick and Mortar Gyms Survive with all the Home and Digital Offerings How to Be a Better Trainer on Camera How To Get Started with Fitness Production The Differences Between Connected Fitness like TONAL, CLMBR, and Peloton vs. Apps like AppleFitness or Aaptiv

  • The Fitness Business Podcast

    The Fitness Business Podcast is the #1 podcast to help any size and any variety of businesses in the fitness industry. Mason's interview: If you can spark imagination with the foundations of a well-told story, you will get people to turn their heads in your direction, instead of yawning and ignoring you. So how do you do that? This episode will teach you step by step to become the best video storyteller! Creating Connection and Fun in Fitness Videos The Importance of Storytelling in Online Fitness Training Teaching on Camera: Creating Energy and Connection through Storytelling” Techniques and Personal Experience with Yoga Class. Creating Fitness Videos with Just an iPhone Tips for Trainers: How to Connect with Your Audience on Camera Tips for Engaging Introductions in Podcasting Effective Communication in Video for Trainers and Gym Owners The Importance of Storytelling and Personalities in Gym Marketing

  • Beyond 7 Figures Podcast

    In this episode, you will learn: • From Mason Bendewald on how to break into the fitness industry and be guided by his distinct qualities that would be beneficial for any director and CEO • To understand that your potential and skill set can help you achieve your life objectives • To create an edge that separates you from others and one that stands out in a competitive industry • How connection starts with being authentic • About leadership, engagement, and genuine human connection • Understand that emotional connection is a must to correlate with other individuals • About the imperfections and vulnerabilities that most leaders struggle to acknowledge yet find ways to overcome • How to maximize the connection and draw your community closer • To think differently about what it means to be a purpose-driven leader • How to exercise camaraderie towards your team • About successful leadership and how it’s built on failed attempts