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P90X® in the White House

President and First Lady ObamaThe heights achieved by P90X® and Mega Mace continue to defy belief. Certainly it’s no secret that P90X®, produced and directed by Mason Bendewald, has blown up around the globe, to the tune of millions of users. Yet at a recent political event, the founders of Beachbody, the company behind P90X®, learned that the First Lady herself is a P90X® user!

In a brief dialogue with President Obama, Beachbody co-founders Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon learned that First Lady Michelle Obama‚ indeed, Secret Service and members of the White House staff‚ use P90X® regularly. This revelation has opened the door for Beachbody to network with the President’s staff to play a role in the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign.

Mason Bendewald and Mega Mace have long been the number one production team for Beachbody. As the go-to guy for production and direction, Mason has created hundreds of fitness videos for Beachbody‚ including Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers, Fit Kids Club with Shaun T, and the Shakeology Workouts‚ and of course the record-breaking P90X® series collaboration with Tony Horton.

The source of the flourishing relationship between Mega Mace and Beachbody is easy to locate. Mason‚ like Carl and Jon‚ has a deep commitment to not only bring top-flight home fitness products to clients around the world, but to be an active participant in a home fitness revolution. Mason is always incorporating new fitness challenges into his own regimen, which translates into an intimate connection with the fitness needs of millions.

That connection is expanding exponentially. Mega Mace is proud to not just be the industry leader in fitness video production, but to be a part of Beachbody’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s commitment to a national health and fitness paradigm shift.

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