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Mega Mace Awarded Power 90 Re-Make

Tony Horton & Mason Bendwald

In light of his guiding role in making P90X a worldwide fitness phenomenon, veteran fitness video director/producer Mason Bendewald of Mega Mace has been tapped to shoot the much-anticipated remake of fitness guru Tony Horton’s original Power 90 home fitness program.

In creating the record-shattering P90X program, which counts tens of millions of users around the globe‚ Mason called upon years of experience and expertise directing and producing hundreds of fitness videos with leading Hollywood trainers, including Diamond Dallas Page, Mitch Gaylord, Shaun T, and Debbie Seibers. Mason’s extensive work crafting hundreds of bestselling fitness videos for‚ the country’s leading developer of in-home fitness products, led to the wildly successful partnership between Mason and Tony Horton, which yielded not just P90X but a series of popular follow-up videos.

This fall that dynamic enterprise will come full circle, as Mason and Tony team up again to renew and reinvigorate the home fitness program that started it all. In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Mason will re-shoot the original Power 90 home fitness program, a 90-day in-home boot camp that promises to get users in shape with 10 tested workouts and a food plan that’s healthy and tastes great. Initially filmed as a test that wasn’t intended for release, Power 90 did so well that Beachbody kept it on the shelves. A decade later the global popularity of P90X has led to awarding Mason the opportunity to give the original the treatment it has long deserved.

It’s great news for the home fitness community. Power 90 is a powerful entry-level program designed for home fitness beginners for whom P90X may be too intense. Yet even seasoned veterans of home workouts will be excited to learn that rather than just re-doing the original Power 90, Mason and Tony will incorporate their years of close work together into creating an all-new, vastly-improved Power 90 program.

Mason’s veteran hand will give this new Power 90 the lively and energetic look, sound and feel that has made P90X a worldwide sensation. Created in the early days of Beachbody, the original Power 90 didn’t have the resources available to craft the best possible home fitness experience for the end-user. That will all change with Mason’s re-envisioned Power 90, which will feature enhanced music, a far superior set (which will look like it’s down the hall from the P90X gym), Mason’s expert camera work (which will dive right in close to catch all of Tony’s moves), and in general the dynamic vibrancy that Mason and the Mega Mace crew have perfected as the world’s leading fitness video production house.

The new Power 90 is just the latest dynamic project for Mason and Mega Mace. The successful collaboration with Tony Horton continues with the third season of the ground-breaking P90X One-on-One series, which in turn is serving as the workshop for the upcoming P90X: MC2. It promises to be the most intense installment in the P90X series to date, and another coup for Mason Bendewald and Mega Mace. Stay tuned!

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