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MEGAMACE: Fitness Journeys – Mason Bendewald

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With hundreds of production titles like P90X, True Beginner, Inferno HR, and collaborations with top fitness names like Tony Horton, Diamond Dallas Page, and Keaira LaShae, you might wonder about the driving forces behind the company continually on the cutting edge of home fitness. I did – and I asked! It might not surprise you to discover that the MEGAMACE Fitness Productions team is as passionate about fitness as they are about video production. This week I asked CEO and founder, Mason Bendewald, for a glimpse into his personal fitness journey.

What’s your athletic background?

Mason: I was always active as a kid, playing kickball, riding my skateboard, and running around New York City. In High School, I started studying dance seriously and began taking daily classes. What I learned about alignment and “body awareness” in those years has stuck with me my entire life. I’m always looking for a way to pass on some of that experience.

When did you decide to focus your career on fitness?

Mason: P90X sales were soaring and the feedback on the program and production was incredible. Nobody had seen anything like it before. Sounds funny now but I said, “Hey I’m pretty good at this, maybe I should focus on fitness.” The decision has definitely paid off. MEGAMACE has grown every year since and I’m the Chief Production Officer for DailyBurn, a position that allows me a tremendous amount of creative freedom. The past several years have been a blast working with renowned trainers like Bob Harper and developing new and innovative fitness programs no one has seen before.

Any defining moments along your personal fitness journey?

Mason: Over ten years ago I started to get a pain in my legs that would prevent me from running or taking long hikes. I sought specialists all over the country and even had surgery but to no avail. Although I haven’t given up trying to figure out what the issue is, the experience has taught me not to get down on myself just because I’m not out running marathons. I’m very lucky to do everything else from swimming, to yoga, to bodyweight training. The important thing is to find something you like and stick with it until it doesn’t work anymore. Once that happens, you find something else and keep going. That lesson has been a driving force in my work. You’ll frequently find me in the test group whenever MEGAMACE is developing a new fitness program.

What does your weekly program look like?

Mason: I don’t workout as hard as I used to. Our bodies change with time and it’s important to listen and work with those changes. I just finished a 7-month test group where I was lifting weights almost everyday. That was a lot for my body so now I’m swimming 3 to 4 times a week and doing mobility work. And I always go back to Yoga because it centers my body and mind and I know there’s always a healthy challenge when I practice.

How do you balance personal fitness with career demands?

Mason: It’s funny – we all struggle with finding the time to balance our lives out – even when you’re in the health and fitness industry. I’m in my late 40’s now with two kids and the demands on my time can be overwhelming, but I stick to 2 rules: 1. I’m always home for dinner. 2. I take my fitness as serious as I take a business meeting. I schedule my workouts and then stick to them. No questions. If I’m healthy and balanced, I’m more productive when I work. It’s that simple.

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