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A Decade of P90X: Keys to Developing an Effective Home Fitness Program

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Ten years ago Mason sat down with Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, to embark on production of a home fitness program unlike anything that had ever been produced. This revolutionary program was P90X and for nearly a decade it has been a dominant presence in the in the home fitness world shattering sales records and infiltrating popular culture.

Now, in the age of video on demand, the home fitness landscape is even more promising. With a compelling message, program and trainer you have the capacity to generate serious attention without jumping through many of the hurdles required to get a DVD to market. Today, Mason shares four key strategies used during P90X development – essentials you will want to take to your fitness program!

Discover what makes you different.

P90X is the best-selling fitness video of all time, in part because it was different. The concept, the trainer, the direction and the marketing were all new approaches to a status-quo market space. Ask yourself what makes your product special – or are you just repackaging the same thing everyone else is selling?

• Get to know your trainer personally.

I spent a lot of time with Tony getting to know what made him tick, what he was great at and what I needed to work with him on. Learn about your trainer’s philosophy and what drives them so you can bring their unique qualities out and inspire your audience.

Spend time on strategy.

Don’t rush into production. Plan out how you’re going to market your product once you have it in the can. The last thing you want is to shoot a great workout nobody sees.

• Test & re-test your program.

Production time isn’t when you want to work out the kinks. P90X was tested, developed and then tested AGAIN. Spend the time. Do the homework. It will pay off!


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