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True Beginner Adds Cardio Kickboxing & Shotokan Karate

Sharon Frederick was playing volleyball during her senior year of high school when “it” happened – a crash landing during a volleyball game that managed to tear every ligament in her ankle. The injury was a game changer for Sharon. The long hours she spent training on and off the court suddenly disappeared. The eating habits she had developed to fuel her long hours of exercise remained but without the metabolism to match. Over the next two decades Sharon packed on 95lbs. Now, in her 40s and determined to take back her health, Sharon began running. She revamped her diet and began to see results but she sought the benefits of other types of exercise. Sharon began the long and frustrating process of trying to find a workout program she could give her all, but everything she found was simply too hard. Her body wasn’t able to keep up.

Then along came True Beginner, developed and produced by MEGAMACE Fitness Productions and veteran fitness director, Mason Bendewald. Designed for those just starting out or starting over, True Beginner offered a real solution for Sharon and those like her. Focusing on stability, mobility, balance, and strength, True Beginner allows participants to get off the couch and take back their health. The results – new found confidence, weight loss, energy, happiness, and overall healthier lives! Check out some of the amazing feedback from True Beginner graduates:




In response to overwhelming feedback, we are proud to announce the launch of the True Beginner – Phase 3, which introduces Cardio Kickboxing and Shotokan Karate into the program. “Phase 3 provides even more fitness options to a previously underserved demographic,” says Mason. “By the time you complete Phase 1 and 2 of True Beginner you’ve made great strides. You’re building your body back up for regular exercise. You’re gaining confidence. You realize YOU CAN do it!” he explains.

A main component of Phase 3 is the integration of martial arts, which alllows participants to create a mind-body connection in their workouts. “True Beginner coach, Justin Rubin, is a Black Belt in Shotokan. When we sat down with DailyBurn to discuss the evolution of the program, integrating cardio kickboxing and elements of Shotokan Karate just seemed like a natural progression” explains Mason. “These workouts take some discipline but after seeing how far the True Beginner graduates have come, we know they are ready for it. This is just one more level people can aspire to master and (if they desire) graduate on to some of the other great programs DailyBurn offers.”

You can find True Beginner – Phase 3 at

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