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So you’ve read Production 101, our guide to fitness video production, and have a killer fitness video ready to launch on your website – but how are you going to get people to watch it? One way to market your brand and your fitness video is through social media. Regardless of budget, you can (and should) use social media to maximize your visibility. Here are 5 ways to shape up your social.

1. Know where to start the conversation.



The recent explosion of social media can be exciting but also overwhelming. By now you’re probably familiar with many of the top sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+… BUT it’s important to keep a close watch because what’s hot today might be fizzling tomorrow. Stay relevant.

You will need to adapt your conversations maximize the power of each social network. Beware of the one-size-fits-all post. What’s acceptable on one network doesn’t always cut it on another. While updating every hour on the hour might be acceptable for a site like Twitter, do it on Facebook and watch fans un-like your page in droves. Updating your Twitter feed with your Facebook posts? Beware of character limits. While LinkedIn is excellent for touting your expertise and showcasing your career achievements, it’s not the best spot to start a casual conversation. While relatively speaking Google+ is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it carries more weight with Google search engines. Learn the ins and outs of each site and decide where to best spend the time you’ve dedicated to marketing your fitness video.

2.  Engage your audience!

Fitness Video Production Content

  • Become a resource. Brand yourself a relevant source of the best in health and fitness information. This means consistently posting blogs, videos, and links to trusted information and reviewing the latest fitness industry trends.
  • Inspire! Social media is your direct link to your clients. Let your personality come through and develop a genuine connection with your audience.  Share your healthy lifestyle choices and challenge them to do the same. Be Unique.  Don’t just repost inspirational quotes.
  • Use the tools at your fingertips. Photos and videos are a great way to engage your audience whether it is highlighting a mobility routine, giving away the secret to the ultimate breakfast shake or sharing the view from the top of your morning hike — Use them to stay at top of mind and keep your audience on track!
  • Listen to your audience. Good social media isn’t about promoting yourself it’s about building relationships. Take time to listen to your community and make a concerted effort to build strategic relationships within that community.

3.  Optimize 


Google Keywords Tool

While Search Engine Optimization is a complex, ever-changing business with plenty of differing opinions — here are 2 strategies most experts can agree on to help improve your search engine rankings.

  •  Make your content interesting and relevant. This one might seem obvious but it’s the most important.
  • Use SEO Tools like Google Keywords to research what people are searching for and how much competition is in the market for that particular keyword or phrase. Strategically name your photos, blog posts, and videos using keywords within the titles and descriptions. Use keywords in your posts. These keywords should be relevant to your subject matter.

4. Hashtag 


We’ve entered the era of the hashtag. Originating on Twitter, it’s spread like wildfire to sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Useful for finding subject matter in the ever-expanding world of jabber, it bookmarks topics for easy finding. More recently, you’ll find more and more people are using the hashtag as a tool for humor and creative expression rather than categorizing subject matter. BUT if your goal is to be FOUND, it’s important to research and use hashtags that are trending. If no one else is using your brilliant hashtag, you’re simply having a one-way conversation with yourself.

5. Set Realistic Goals – Review & Re-strategize.


Facebook Insights

It would be wonderful if your fitness video went viral tomorrow. But take it from Gordon MacMillian, Twitter’s UK Editorial Manager. “There are no rules to ‘virality’.” Be visible. Strategize your social media campaign. Be intentional with your postings but free to let the conversation evolve as you engage with your audience.

Test & Revise Your Strategy – Take a look at your hits and the relative success of your social media posts. See what’s working and what’s not working. Research, rework and revise your strategy when necessary.


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