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Fitness Tech: Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training

One fitness trend drew quite a bit of buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the renowned international electronics and technology trade show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jill Duffy of PC World reports, “The true innovators in the space seem to be homing in on one detail of fitness: heart health.”

Why all the focus on heart health technology? Your heart rate can be an excellent indicator of overall fitness. Athletic, fit people tend to have slower resting heart rates, meaning their heart muscle is in a better condition than less active individuals. The fitter you are, the more efficiently your heart will pump blood to all parts of your body. The healthier the heart, the fewer the pumps the organ needs to transport blood. Strategically targeting heart rate zones not only strengthens the heart organ, it improves the body’s ability to utilize oxygen, improves lactate threshold, and maximizes workout time by revving the metabolism for hours after exercise.

The influx of fitness gadgets designed to monitor heart health set the stage for some exciting new workouts that simply weren’t a reality for the general market a few years earlier. New monitors now allow real-time heart rate data to be streamed to mobile devices via Bluetooth technology – meaning instant biofeedback! This allows users to push their physical limits, reveal their true athletic potential and tailor light to moderate workouts to the appropriate heart rate zones necessary to avoid burnout and/or injury.

Mason Bendewald and MEGAMACE Fitness Productions teamed up with DailyBurn last year to begin development on the first ever interval heart rate zone workout series to incorporate live biofeedback. Utilizing the latest technology, INFERNO HR (Heart Rate) works to target anaerobic zones (zones 4 & 5) for short intervals. The integration of HR technology maximizes workouts by taking the guesswork out of anaerobic exercise. Participants know exactly what zones to target and can increase or decrease effort in accordance with real-time biofeedback. Try INFERNO HR now with a 30-day free trial on DailyBurn. Be a part of the future of fitness!


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