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The Making of P90X:MC2 – P90X One-on-One Vol. 3

Mason Bendewald is already positioned at the zenith of home fitness as director and producer of P90X. Yet rather than rest on his laurels, Mason is instead pushing the envelope with the P90X One-on-One Series, a reality-style fitness experience that also happens to be the testing ground for the next installment in the P90X series, P90X: MC2.

Unlike any other home fitness  product, P90X One-on-One is a subscription-based series that brings users directly into the home gym of the one-and-only Tony Horton every month for a new workout. In this unique intimate setting, the effortless chemistry that has developed between Mason and Tony over their years working side-by-side is instantly recognizable.

Mason not only directs this project, he’s the director of photography—shooting virtually every camera angle that exists. He whirls around as Tony’s wingman, thrillingly capturing the unpredictable and untamable fitness madman’s every move with intricate and expert camerawork perfected by a decade of immersion in the fitness world. It’s a proven combination: Tony’s inexhaustible fervor and drive paired with Mason’s exhilarating style and impeccable acumen.

P90X One-on-One is trailblazing in more than one way. In P90X One-on-One: Volume 3, users get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the next chapter of the P90X series: P90X: MC2. It’s a “making of” happening in real time!

So with P90X One-on-One, not only can fitness lovers feed their hunger for new challenges once every month, they get a dynamic inside look at the creative process of two masters at work together crafting the next home fitness triumph, P90X: MC2.