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The Last DVD Holdout: How Online Video Is Revolutionizing The Home Fitness Industry

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I remember getting my first CD. It was the late 80’s and Melissa Etheridge was ushering in the era of the female-rock, solo-artists with her self-titled album. I blasted “Chrome Plated Heart” over and over – marveling that the crystal clear audio booming from my new stereo system. Unlike my beloved LP’s the CD never wore out. A decade and a half later iTunes launched, and today the CD is dead, but Etheridge’s music lives on. Anyone can get it from iTunes and hear the perfect clarity I heard back in 1988.

We’re experiencing the same revolution with video now. The DVD is giving way to steaming. Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010 and in September 2011 Netflix’s Streaming-subscribers surpassed its DVD-subscribers. When’s the last time you bought a DVD? Exactly. The writing is on the wall. The number of mobile video users is predicted to reach 500 million by 2014. That’s a lot of fitness consumers that can be reached with the click of a button.

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According to Search Engine Watch, 181 million Americans viewed a staggering 40 billion online videos in January 2012 alone. AppleTV, Hulu, Roku, Xbox and Internet ready TVs are all making streaming video in our homes more accessible everyday.

You have a unique opportunity to reach this new media-savvy audience with your fitness brand. Mobile devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets stream HD video, so your customers can workout anytime, anywhere.

So why hasn’t the fitness industry been quicker to stream? One reason is it’s still in flux. Like most online content monetizing it isn’t easy. Big players like Gaiam,, Lions Gate and Anchor Bay make millions with DVDs and people are still buying for the moment – but it won’t last. is testing the waters but their site is cluttered and the majority of their content is recycled titles. Lion’s Gate has a Youtube channel called BeFit that’s free, but neither company is taking full advantage of the true power of streaming.

These sleeping giants have left the gates wide open for new emerging players like DailyBurn, who I’ve recently developed and produced over 100 videos for. They’ve embraced streaming technology and produce content specifically for the medium. They don’t burn a single DVD. Think about that. The company is “greener” because they aren’t manufacturing DVD’s and all the packaging associated with it. There’s no shipping which means faster production overall – getting workouts to users quicker and cheaper. And content is more relevant because it goes from development to screen in half the time.

But the biggest advantage to streaming workout videos lies in something we do everyday: the ability to interact. We update our Facebook pages with photos, friends post comments, we ask questions, add new links and post notices for special occasions. Information can be updated as needed in real time. The same is true with fitness videos.

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For instance, DailyBurn has several interactive opportunities for users already. When you sign on you can log your weight and there’s The DailyBurn Challenge that tracks reps right on the screen. It helps motivate users and gives them something to talk about with other people doing the same workout. DailyBurn also created an algorithm called IntelliBurn™ that programs a custom fitness plan based on your goals and input. No longer is fitness a one size fits all system – it can be completely tailored to a users preferences.

That’s pretty incredible.

Fitness brands that neglect the power of streaming video on their websites and apps are missing out not only on opportunities to create interactive experiences, but also on ancillary sales from add-on products.

SocialTimes reported that video rich sites are 12 times more effective then photo/text sites. Customers that watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase. Again think of the interactive opportunities to make updates at the end of a workout and have your customer buy it right then and there.

Your audiences want content presented in a way they can relate to. Your brand needs to engage, entertain, and inspire! This is precisely the reason why companies come to us with their brands like DailyBurn and P90X. MEGA MACE approaches fitness from the perspective of the consumer. We design and shoot workouts for your audience so they can easily integrate them into their lives and reap the biggest health benefits.

The future of streaming digital video in the fitness industry is here, but making videos that engage, entertain, and inspire is a different skillset altogether. MEGA MACE has been challenging the status quo in fitness for over a decade and is continuing that tradition as steaming technology brings new opportunities.

For more information about the huge opportunity that streaming video presents in the next decade, check out this infographic about the staggering growth of streaming video.

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