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Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

So goes the saying, and there is no doubt that there is more than just a link between our minds and bodies, or booties as it were. Our minds and bodies are inextricably one. When people’s minds are stimulated, their bodies react favorably and when surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery during your workout, how you perform in your workout improves. McFIT , Europe’s largest fitness center chain, is doing amazing things with mind/body connection with the newest
launch of Cyberobics workouts.

Let’s consider the typical gym surroundings for a moment. Do people show up to drab gyms and workout while staring at a wall? Sure they do. But they’re bored and counting the reps till they can hit the shower. Got TVs? They encourage people to mentally tune out from what they’re physically doing. How great is their physical output and by extension, how great are the benefits? Do they feel amazing afterward, or just tired and sore? When it comes to harnessing the potential of our human bodies that is so shortsighted it’s sad.

McFIT ’s slogan is Escape Everyday Life and they’re letting their members do precisely that. How? They’re reinventing the gym experience by taking members mentally out of the workout studio and taking them deep into their own physical performance. The difference between their atmosphere and a typical gym is the difference between hitting the ball and hitting that ball out of the park. McFIT is the largest fitness center chain in Germany and Europe and their lucky members belong to a gym that provides environmental immersion in their workouts.

Human beings are miracles of mental and physical symbiosis. We were designed to celebrate life with our bodies , jumping, kicking, diving, dancing, running. Why do you think we buy just about any product that features those activities in their commercials? We long to do those things in locations that inspire us to do those things!

McFIT understands this fact and has launched Wonderwall, an immersive workout experience that mentally transports their members to inspiring environments with trainers who offer some of the most engaging fitness in the world today. In the planning process they asked themselves questions like: What could spur our members to have a personal best on a spin cycle? And instead of settling for a new trainer screaming at a class over loud music, the answer for them was put their members on a stunning coastal highway so they could race along with world class cyclists.

Are you getting the idea? McFIT is the gym chain. Cyberobics is the immersive fitness workout video component, and they’re giving their users an edge that’s been used by the world’s elite athletes for a long time. Christopher Clarey’s New York Times article Olympians Use Imagery as Mental Training details how athletes have used mental imaging in everything from improving their performance, speeding the time bones take to mend, and breaking the cycle of pain caused by negativity.

Well guess what? McFIT’s members are getting the opportunity to enjoy a fitness experience that frees their minds so that their bodies can produce all of those juicy compounds that stimulate physical performance, evoke positive emotion, reduce mental fatigue and naturally spur their bodies to peak functioning. Cyberobics is the next thing in gyms.