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Fitness PR – Prepping Trainers for a Guest Appearance

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Knowing how to talk about your business is a MUST for any industry leader but all the more so for fitness industry experts. With so much competition in the arena it’s important to make your fitness program stand out – but how?  Should you be discussing experience? achievement? your vision for the future? For someone aspiring to be a high profile trainer and/or create some serious attention for their fitness program there’s quite a bit to think about when discussing your field.  Mason Bendewald, Chief Production Officer at DailyBurn has worked with trainers at all stages from globally recognized names like Tony Horton to clients just starting out.  Mason has helped to craft some of the most recognizable programs in the world of home fitness and today he gives us some tips on fitness PR for trainers.

What are the 2 most important things to touch on when discussing your fitness program with the media?

Make sure you are answering these two questions:

  • What’s my unique point of view and philosophy?
  • What are the main benefits of my program?

What are the 2 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to talking about their fitness program?

  • They say “I’m passionate about fitness”. It’s the most overused phrase in the industry… Don’t say it. Show it in your actions.
  • They use big words – if you mean “lower back” say that, not “Latissimus Dorsi.” If you’re talking to other fitness industry leaders you might use bigger text book words – otherwise keep it simple. Today’s audiences come from every corner of the country if not the world. They are listening to you because you have something they don’t – experience – but that doesn’t mean you need to impress them with big words. Rather, you need to connect with them on their level. That is how you win fans.

In addition to directing several new workouts for DailyBurn you’ve also been producing and hosting the DailyBurn FitMinute segments for I Heart Radio. Each week you “talk fitness” with a new guest. What advice to you have for trainers prepping for a guest appearance?

  • Understand that you have a limited amount of time. A good writer will tell you that real writing starts when the editing begins – the same is true here. Know what’s important.
  • Think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to illustrate it before you’re on the air. This is especially key if you have the opportunity to do a radio or a podcast because you can’t just jump and say “let me demonstrate.” Don’t forget to always keep asking yourself “who’s my audience?”
  • SHOW your passions and expertise. I want to talk to people about something they are experts in and as a producer I try to pick topics that align with a particular guest’s area of expertise.  For instance, I did an interview with Brett Hobel who’s got a background in Capoeria, a martial art that was designed and disguised as “dance” by Brazilian slaves. It’s a great topic and I know Brett would speak passionately about it because he goes to Brazil ever year for the World Games. When you’re passionate about something people can hear it in your voice. Your experience shines through.

But what happens if you find yourself locked in a discussion outside your area of expertise?

If you’re being interviewed and you find yourself in this situation make sure you don’t talk as an authority unless you are one – there’s nothing wrong with saying you don’t have experience in a specific field. Honesty is the best quality.

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