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DailyBurn: Personalized Fitness. Evolved.

Mason Bendewald has teamed up with DailyBurn, a leader in the fitness technology space with over two million users worldwide, to take the next step in the evolution of fitness by introducing a revolutionary, personalized fitness platform that delivers daily custom-designed video workouts using DailyBurn’s IntelliBurn™ technology. As Head of Production at DailyBurn, Mason is now applying his expertise in production and marketing to the future of fitness media.

With DailyBurn’s inaugural launch, Mason and his production team at MEGA MACE deliver an astounding 30+ fitness programs featuring a diverse cast of six undiscovered trainers – and this is only the beginning of Mason’s advancing production plan for DailyBurn’s video library.

With Mason on board, DailyBurn will be the host of fitness content unlike any other available on today’s internet. DailyBurn brings fitness to members’ fingertips, anytime, anywhere by streaming HD-quality custom workouts, personal result metrics, and nutrition and healthy living tools to users’ smart phone, computer, tablet or television every day.

Bringing to life the DailyBurn vision, Mason has pulled together a best in-class team of experts from every segment of the fitness industry — including the fitness program design expertise of industry leader, Lisa Wheeler, and a team of elite trainers, known as the DB6, offering varied fitness philosophies and backgrounds. Combining a natural talent for scouting new trainers and a series of trademark “On Camera Workshops,” Mason works directly with each member of the DB6 to perfect a multitude of levels including how to work to the camera, how to be informative and entertaining and perhaps the most important, how to own their workout.

Mason Bendewald with the DB 6

The core, pioneering feature of DailyBurn is IntelliBurn™ technology, a complex algorithm that fine-tunes a fitness program to a user’s optimum performance and schedule by tracking and analyzing a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to, which trainers elicit the best personal performance, which workouts the user most enjoyed, time lapse between workouts and muscle groups recently trained. DailyBurn is changing the world of fitness by allowing users to input and receive real-time feedback on personal goals and results to obtain an evolving, comprehensive, tailored workout program.

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