Male and Female 25 – 35 All Ethnicities

MEGA MACE Fitness Productions is casting charismatic LEAD instructors who can create, cue, and perform group workouts on camera. Client is an international fitness brand looking to expand their exceptional pool of experienced trainers. The workouts will be used on their equipment and via their online streaming library.


Trainer must be able to perform multiple routines a day of varying lengths and disciplines. Trainer should have strong, engaging and fun personality that encourages and leads users through a great workout.

Trainers must be certified, and have experience in Treadmill or Rowing classes as well as one of the other 3:

  • Treadmill (equipment on hand)
  • Rowing (equipment on hand)
  • Strength (Free Weights – small set on hand)
  • Yoga (mat available)
  • Mat / Bodyweight workouts (no equipment)


$2,000 per shoot day, which includes prep / creating the routines

  • Full buy-out; Non-Union
  • Coach airfare, hotel, travel (car / service) to Logan, Utah, plus breakfast, lunch and $40 per diem provided
  • Trainers work 5 days consecutively and film an average of 3.5 workouts per day
  • Note: client does not work with agents, if agency payment is due it’s the trainer’s responsibility

A headset mic is used during filming. Background music is programmed by client. Trainers will outline the routines with input from the client.


NEW YORK Auditions: February 1 – 2
Location: Brooklyn, NY

LOS ANGELES Auditions: February 6 – 7
Location: Los Angeles, CA


  • Shoot dates: Week of February 12 – 16 and Week of February 19 – 23.
  • Trainers shoot a full week and film an average of 3.5 videos per day.
  • Workout Info: Interval training workouts average 30 minutes, but they range from from 15 to 25 to 55- minute routines.
  • *Rate includes creation of workouts.
  • Client will provide input and assistance as needed.


Please make sure you have read all the information before you submit. For consideration: send current headshot and video clip links to:

*If you know other qualified trainers that fit the criteria above please encourage them to submit. THANK YOU

If you get SCHEDULED for an audition please READ the FOLLOWING

Prepare a 3-5 minute routine that you cue and perform. A sense of your personality, and your enthusiasm is a MUST. We’ll provide basic fitness equipment. Audition workout can be moderate to high intensity (exception of Yoga). Don’t feel the need to over-instruct. Give it a sense of progression from start to finish.


If desired, bring music to play from your phone or laptop *HAVE IT CUED UP AND READY TO GO – we’ll plug into our speaker. You will not use a mic or adjust music levels.


Exercise Ready – Dress how you normally would to impress and show of your fitness personality and physique

Basic Guidelines

MEN: Sleeveless shirt & athletic shorts
WOMEN: Sports Bra & Shorts, Ponytail

Master Trainer Testimonials
Ben Booker
Ben Booker Owner of Second Chance Lifestyle, DailyBurn Trainer

“Working with Mason and the Mega Mace team has changed me in more ways than one. I have never worked with a more dedicated and professional team in the fitness industry. Mason has a system that trains his trainers to be the best on-camera personality possible, and I am blessed to be one of those trainers. I am a better trainer, speaker, and all-around person because of what Mason has taught me. I’m truly grateful to be able to work with Mega Mace, the best fitness production company in the world.”

Diamond Dallas
Diamond Dallas Page Three-time World Heavy-Weight Champion Wrestler, CEO/Creator DDP Yoga

“Mason Bendewald is extremely passionate and creative. Before he agreed to work with me, he wanted to work out with me to make sure he got what DDP Yoga is all about. Mason “got it” and helped take basic ideas and turn them into a much bigger picture. He brought out the very best in me. On the set he was focused and light-hearted, a complete pleasure to work with.”