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Beautiful Belly Prenatal Yoga Premieres on DailyBurn

MasonBendewald & BriohnySmyth

Last year when Mason heard his Yogi, Briohny Smyth and her husband were pregnant he realized there was an incredible opportunity at hand.

He pitched the idea to do a prenatal program for DailyBurn through all 3 of Briohny’s trimesters. She loved the idea! Mason and the DailyBurn team moved quickly and began development on what would soon be the only prenatal yoga program to feature a pregnant Yogi in all three trimesters of pregnancy. “I wanted expectant mothers to have a one-one-one relationship with Briohny and go through their pregnancies together,” says Mason. He and his production team laid out a production calendar a year in advance in order to do just that. The result – Beautiful Belly Yoga!









About the Program:

Expectant mothers have access to 3 practices for each trimester of their pregnancy, aptly named Surrender, Gratitude, and Love. Each session is specially tailored to the needs of each trimester. Now, with Beautiful Belly Yoga, you don’t have to be Kate Middleton giving birth to the Royal Baby to afford world-class instruction from the comfort of your own home – Now live on DailyBurn!

AND what about after baby?! Director, Mason Bendewald and his team are hard at work on the next installment of Beautiful Belly Yoga, a postnatal series featuring Briohny and her new bundle of joy, Sydney. Stay tuned!