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Are You Ready To Develop Your Fitness Program For Video?

Develop fitness program for video

Do your classes regularly fill up?
When clients move do they say “I wish I could take you with me”?
Do you have a unique point of view on fitness and an energetic personality?

If your answer is yes to all of the above it means you’ve got some talent and it’s time to record your fitness program on video for the masses.

Not too long ago there was only one way to do fitness video production. You needed a boatload of money and a lot of connections. Today all you need is some talent, an iPhone and Youtube.

Chances are you don’t have a lot of money for a big production and you’re hoping you’ll catch your lucky break sometime. Well “luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You can create the opportunity by getting yourself noticed, and the best way to do that is with a great video.

Kearia LaShae is a great example. She’s a trainer and performer I’ve had the good fortune to work with, and she’s reached a world audience with millions of views, before I ever met her. She teaches dance combinations and posts them on Youtube – and all she uses a camera phone to shoot them. Here’s an excellent example of how she promotes herself on Youtube.

Check out her fitness channel here.

After you shoot a few videos, your next decision is whether to give it away or sell it. It’s unlikely you’re going to make money setting up a subscription service right off the bat. But, if you have great content, more and more people will use and share it. That will lead to bigger and better revenue generating opportunities like paid advertising and licensing deals.

Of course if you’ve got the money and you want to roll out a full profession production, there are many more steps to insure an ROI (return on investment). I’ve written a document called How to Make a Great Fitness Video on Any Budget that goes much deeper into this subject, but in short you need a Village.

It takes many people to make a great fitness series. It often starts with a company that believes it’s time for a product like “extreme fitness” and matches that idea up with a trainer like Tony Horton, which of course became P90X. But it could come from a trainer with their own program or in some case a piece of unique equipment. No matter what the situation, you’ll need to do some research and development first. It takes a lot of meetings to get all the pieces in place for a big production.

Ask yourself the following questions while you test your product and research what else is out there.

What works?

What doesn’t?

Why is your product and point of view better than the competition?

When you get your Village together, then it’s time to find a production company that can turn your vision into a product.

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