Team Bios

Mason Mendewald
Mason Bendewald – CEO/Founder

Mason is the CEO and Founder of MEGA MACE Fitness Productions, he’s also a director with hundreds of workout videos to his credit, including the most successful fitness series of all time, P90X. The recognized authority in his field, Mason works internationally with the top names and brands in professional fitness, crafting innovative programs that blaze a trail through the fitness industry.

Mason served as Chief Production Officer for DailyBurn (an IAC Company). There, he conceived and built the entire streaming library, creating the most comprehensive modern fitness catalogue ever, discovering and developing 13 world-class trainers, and creating 18 programs with over 200 workouts. Mason walks the walk and uses the products he’s created, often with his wife and two children. Mason has traveled much of the world volunteering with orphanages in places like Mexico, Haiti, Africa and Peru until he and his wife adopted their two daughters from Taiwan in 2012.

Travis Richey
Travis Richey – Accountant and Business Manager

Travis received his MBA from the University of Miami and graduated with honors in Finance and Business Management. He began boxing at age 8 and continued the sport through college because it challenges you to “go past your mental limits”. Travis’ passion for finance and fitness collided when he was hired to oversee the West Coast holding of fitness centers and real estate transactions for Crunch Fitness.

“Right now I’m excited about helping grow Mega Mace’s IP and building it’s venue OpenAir, a unique space for filming and events that will change the landscape of production in LA. The challenges for both combine my skillsets in finance, real-estate and project management”.

Travis’ favorite quote is “In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure”. Born and raised in Boston he’s an avid Patriots and Red Sox fan. Travis lives in LA with his wife Melissa, and two children Kennedy and Brock.

Anna Erikssön Bendewald
Anna Erikssön Bendewald – Writer/Product Development

Anna was the Director of Product Development for Beachbody where she created and tested workouts, scripted promos, and wrote content for blogs, message boards and online guides for some of the most successful workout programs including P90X+, Slim in 6, Slim Series, Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam.

Prior to fitness, Anna developed instructional content for Quisic/IEC for clients as diverse as United Airlines, Kyocera, Toyota and the U.S. Navy. She also wrote “Meet Me At Père Lachaise,” a walking tour guidebook to Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, the most visited cemetery in the world.

She and her husband enjoy raising their daughters Jem and Julia, the pursuit of happiness, and unraveling the meaning of life together around the dinner table.

Master Trainer Testimonials
Diamond Dallas
Diamond Dallas Page Three-time World Heavy-Weight Champion Wrestler, CEO/Creator DDP Yoga

“Mason Bendewald is extremely passionate and creative. Before he agreed to work with me, he wanted to work out with me to make sure he got what DDP Yoga is all about. Mason “got it” and helped take basic ideas and turn them into a much bigger picture. He brought out the very best in me. On the set he was focused and light-hearted, a complete pleasure to work with.”

Ben Booker
Ben Booker Owner of Second Chance Lifestyle, DailyBurn Trainer

“Working with Mason and the Mega Mace team has changed me in more ways than one. I have never worked with a more dedicated and professional team in the fitness industry. Mason has a system that trains his trainers to be the best on-camera personality possible, and I am blessed to be one of those trainers. I am a better trainer, speaker, and all-around person because of what Mason has taught me. I’m truly grateful to be able to work with Mega Mace, the best fitness production company in the world.”