premier studio for
fitness video production. 

We develop, design and craft talent and brands that become household names.

MEGAMACE Fitness Productions has helped create fitness programs including P90X, DailyBurn, Shakeology, RevAbs, Inferno, MOVE!, DBK, Tactical Bodyweight Training, DDP Yoga, Tai Cheng, P90X2. We’ve worked with Tony Horton, Shaun T, Keaira LaShae, Brett Hoebel, Debbie Siebers, Anja Garcia, Cody Storey, Mitch Gaylord, Michael George, Briohny Smyth, Nicky Holender, Diamond Dallas Page.

Trainer Development

We discover and develop the top fitness talent in the industry. Our unique collaborative coaching style helps translate a trainer’s style from the gym floor to the camera lens.

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Our work with major media companies helps translate brand vision and ROI goals into an engaging final product.

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MEGAMACE Fitness Productions is the industry in leader fitness video production. We’ve got the A-List fitness production team to ready to make your fitness product a star. We’ll build an all inclusive production specific to your program.

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From sound design and graphics, to music and finishing . . . our dedication to quality and visually stunning video means that our fitness video productions are optimized for streaming video players, mobile media devices and DVD, Blu-Ray.

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